Omni Elevation Motor Repair Request Form

 Please FULLY fill out the requested Information Below for the Omni  Elevation Motor Repair Request Form.

Questions call 256-245- 8390 Ask for Tiffany

So far the Omni Elevation Motors have an 85% repair rate !!

NOT all motors can be repaired. Motors with the bottom plate shattered can NOT be repaired! If the motor can not be repaired, you will have the option of it being disposed of, or you can pay for return shipping. (your choice)

There is an $85.00 Non-refundable fee to Open and Examine the Motor. If the motor can be repaired this fee does not apply. Most motors repair cost runs between $375.00 and $875.00, An estimate will be sent via email for you to review and approve before work is done. If you do not respond to the email on arrival, this will increase your repair time!!

 Omni Elevation motors all have a set of thermal Protection Resistors inside them. These resistors will be replaced During any & all repair as they can go bad at any time. Replacing them will assist your motor with a long and productive lifespan and prevent warranty issues from happening.

 OPTIONAL OMNI POST Rental Or Purchase

An Omni Elevation Motor to Stationary Post Conversion 1 month RENTAL is available $99.00 + UPS shipping cost. You may also buy the post for $299.00.  

This way you can still use your table while the motor is being repaired. The Post bolts in with 4 Bolts On the top and Bottom and is a fairly easy install. To remove the motor and replace it with the post takes me about 30 minutes.


 Repairs have a 30 Day warranty. You will have to pay the shipping Both ways on the Motor and any rental if Stationary Post if needed.