What size Omni Elevation Cylinder do I need for my Omni chiropractic table?

There are 2 different Omni Elevation Cylinder,Omni table cervical gas cylinder sizes. A long Omni Elevation Cylinder and a short Omni Elevation Cylinder. The short Omni Elevation Cylinder fits Omni tables with a height of 18". If the table is elevation, it must have a shortest height of 18" in order for the short gas cylinder to fit.

The long Omni Elevation Cylinder,Omni Cervical gas cylinder fits all other height tables 20 Inch,22 Inch and 24 Inch Tables.

Measure the height of your Omni table by measuring from the floor to the top of the cushion. DO NOT measure to the top of the cervical cushion with the cushion raised all the way up. It is best to measure to the top of the pelvic cushion while it is flat.

If you have an elevation table, make sure it is at it LOWEST position before you measure.

Doing this will ensure you receive the correct Omni table cervical lift cylinder,Omni Elevation Cylinder the first time.

Sep 7th 2016 Access Equipment Corp

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